A Story Of Warriors That Stood Against Evil

Evil dragons and monsters continuously threat the Alteia continent.  And little girl who grasps a key of new hope appears at a little town of the continent. Some of high clerics and sorceress sense her advent and start to make their move. On the other side, evil forces also makes their move. You are dragged into their battle...

Fate Of Alteia Is In Your Hands

A Story Of The Six Dragon Slayers And The Hero Argenta

Become a hero of Alteia and comb the land fighting evil dragons in order to find power stones that enable them to communicate with the sleeping goddess Altea in order to find the grail, and save the world.

Have Any Questions?

  • What is Dragon Nest?

    Dragon Nest is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Eyedentity.

  • Is Dragon Nest published by Smilegate West?

    No. The game is being published by Eyedentity and what we have here is a limited channeling partnership with them.

  • What does "Limited Channeling" mean?

    It means that Dragon Nest would be visible on our Z8Games website and that our users will be able to seamlessly log in and play the game on Eyedentity's page using their current Z8Games accounts without having to create new ones.

  • Can I use my ZP on Dragon Nest?

    No. You will have to use "Eye Cash", which is Eyedentity's equivalence to our ZP.

  • If I have game-related questions, where should I send the ticket to?

    Since Dragon Nest is being published by Eyedentity, please click here for any game-related inquiries.

Key Features

Satisfying Power Action

Various Combo Display

A Gripping Story

Dragon Nest imposes FPS game control that uses WASD and Mouse so it brings fast view change and character movement more than other action games. Also Dragon Nest arranges a character at left side of screen that make players can see character's movement and opponents attack action more easily

The action of Dragon Nest is the result of consideration of character's movement and monsters' feedback with background particles and interaction. Players can do unique combo attacks when monster's rebounded action is activated. Also if players make a party then they can make various play patterns such as long distance player's long ranged attack after a close range character makes monster fly.

Dragon Nest's action lives without a gripping story. Players are immersed in stories while they play various main and sub quests. And event movies at important quest moment enhance the understanding of stories and arouse player's curiosity about next chapters.

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