*Updated July 20, 2010

[1.0] Account

An Account is issued to a player when they register with the site. The following subsections further define the actions which may be executed to an account due to account behavior or account information being compromised.

Z8Games takes no responsibility for the continued loss of account information over a period of time. Z8Games, in its sole discretion, may deny service to an account or account holder if it deems the account has been compromised multiple times.


[1.1] Account Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that the information used to create the account remains remembered by the creator, it is also the original account holder's responsibility to keep that information confidential. This information may include, but is not limited to; The Login ID information, The Registration Email and the Security Question and Answer. Z8Games takes no responsibility for the inability of the account holder to provide this information. Z8Games will never ask the person or player for their account password.


[1.1.1]Involuntary Account Information Gathering

It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that additional measures are taken for the security of the account. This includes but is not limiting to, running regular virus and malware checks, monitoring appropriate file sharing and watching what websites are being clicked on. Z8Games takes no responsibility for the loss of an account due to a phishing website, key-logging programs or other malicious software.


[1.1.2]Account Sharing

Accounts shall not be shared between people. This includes but may not be limited to such people as friends, relatives, parents, children, spouses, co-workers, clan members etc. It is the responsibility of the account holder to keep all information about the account secure. Z8Games takes no responsibility for an account in which more than one person may know the confidential information of. Accounts involved in sharing instances may require information as listed in [1.1.4] to prove ownership. Z8Games reserves the right to leave the account in its current state or close an account if information can be corroborated.


[1.1.3]Responsibility of Actions

All actions taken on an account are the responsibility of its owner. This includes but is not limited to, hacking, acting in an excessively negative nature and abusing bugs. Accounts may have action taken against them no matter who was on the account at any given time. If an account was lost due to a scam and subsequently broke the Terms and Conditions, Z8Games takes no responsibility for the actions performed while the account was lost.


[1.1.4]Account Return Policy

In the event that an account becomes compromised it is the player’s responsibility to contact Z8Games with the most amount of information they can provide. Z8Games may require additional information to prove account ownership. This information includes but is not limited to; the security question and answer, the original Registered Email, the IP address of the registering computer and Financial Transaction receipts/records. If at such time it is impossible for Z8Games to prove ownership then the account may be ignored, left in its current status or closed. It is not the responsibility of Z8Games to return lost accounts to any specific person or player.

Additionally Z8Games staff will only ask for account information as listed above by direct communication through our support site or via telephone communication.


[2.0] Account Closures, Warnings and Suspensions

Z8Games may, at any time, issue Warnings, Suspensions or Account Closures for any conduct that Z8Games believes is in violation of this Agreement or detrimental to the interests of another User or Third Party. In the event an account receives a Warning or Suspension, information will be transmitted to the player via the Z8Games website. It is the players responsibility to contact Z8Games regarding any closures or actions taken on an account within 30 days of said action.


[2.0.1] Account Investigations and Temporary Suspensions

Z8Games may at any time temporarily suspend an account for investigative purposes. The investigation will keep the account unavailable until at which time Z8Games lifts the suspension. The reasons may include but are not limited to; Hacking, Scamming, Account Issues, Monetary issues or anything Z8Games deems necessary to discover more information on.


[2.0.2] Full Account Closure

Z8Games reserves the right to terminate or close any account, without notice, for any conduct that Z8Games in its sole discretion, believe is in violation of the Terms and Conditions or applicable law, or is detrimental to the interests of Z8Games, Another User or any Third Party.

[3.0] Character Naming Conventions

Character names are the only way of referencing a player in the game environment. These names may be meaningful and attractive, however they may not portray negative content that is considered pedophiliac, racial/ethnic, sexual, violent, national sexual orientation and Obscene/Vulgar. Thus, great care should be given to name selection. The first impression other players have of you will be based on your character's name, so it's best to start off on the right foot. While choosing the perfect name for your character is left to your discretion, we have determined that some types of names are not allowed in this game.


[3.1] Sexual Content

Character names which imply any sexual content of any kind is inappropriate and thus not tolerated. This may include words describing sexual behavior or imagery.


[3.2] Racial/Derogatory/Discriminative/Disability Terms

Racial, derogatory, discriminative and/or disability terms are offensive and not attractive to other players in the game. Such names which depict any type of the above mentioned content either implicitly or explicitly is prohibited by rules that govern this convention.


[3.3] Harassment

Character name that portray any kind of harassment at any degree is not tolerated and will be considered a serious offense.?


[4.0] PvP (Player versus Player)

Every player must respect and realize that each player has equal rights in the game. Therefore, battles may not be initiated through the means of compelling or continuously attacking someone if they are not interested in the battle. Players who constantly violate this rule will be punished accordingly. Items that are lost as a result of PvP combat will not be restored or refunded.


[5.0] Impersonation

The term impersonation is an implication of the act of mimicking another player, GM (Game Master) or administrators. This course of action often leads to misunderstanding, fraud or other illegal operations. If at any time a player is identified as participant of the above act, he/she will be punished according to the degree of imitation as well as the consequence of the act. Be very cautious concerning your behavior within the game environment as some act may result in a severe penalty regardless of any status.


[6.0] Harassment

Harassment is often an issue at any situation, which causes insecurity, lack of interest in the game environment and during some situations may pose a threat. Harassment may include calling inappropriate names, producing offensive or negative remarks which may be directed to a single player or a group of players, passing rumors or any message in the chat window that is considered offensive in accordance with the same Policy.

Thus, harassment of any kind regardless of the degree of harassment is not tolerated under any circumstances. These matters are compiled into a serious consideration since the security and the interest of other players are highly important to the nature of our business. Treat each and every player the way you would like to be treated.

[7.0] Scam

The term scam applies to gaining of any kind of advantage, item, property or information through the use of deception. Therefore, it is a number one concern regarding our players and all necessary actions will be taken to prevent violation of any sort which may lead to scams. Never give out your personal account information.


[7.1] In Game Scams

These include scams which occur within the vicinity of the game environment by misleading a player. They include the following: impersonating a guild member, party member, friend or any other team member to exchange valuable item, advantage or information. GM's (Game Masters) will never request a player for any password or other personal information in the game environment. Therefore, do not ever provide any information (or an in-game item) to anyone which includes, but not limited to, your family members and friends. Please keep your account information secure. We do not take any responsibility for any player's loss.

[7.2] Other Scams

Other scams are relating to external accounts. Any players who utilizes outside means of achieving information, items or property (including user accounts) will fall under this category of scams. These scams may include: using fraud emails to obtain passwords or other account information, selling or buying of user accounts and using real life transactions to buy an in-game item or information or advantage. We do not take any responsibility for any player's loss due to a real life transaction that is executed between two or more players.?

[7.3] Item Mall Scams

G4Box does not authorize any trading of Item Mall equipment for gold, items, or any other in-game benefit. The Item Mall is only for a player's personal use or for use as free gifts to other players. We do not take any responsibility for a player's loss due to a transaction that is executed between two or more players involving Item Mall equipment. Equipment, gold, and/or Item Mall benefits will not be recovered or restored. Players who are found to be utilizing the Item Mall for scams will have their accounts suspended and/or permanently banned. Players who are involved in chargebacks and/or other fraudulent activities related to our Item Mall, PayPal, or a Credit Card will be reported to the legal authorities and their accounts will be permanently banned.

Players who receive Item Mall gifts related to these fraudulent activities will also have their accounts suspended and/or permanently banned. Players are required to report any Item Mall gifts they receive from suspicious senders. Failure to report these Item Mall gifts will result in a permanent ban when the sender is involved in a chargeback or another fraudulent activity.


[7.4] Tips to Avoid Scams

[1] Do not give out any personal or account information to anyone in the game or outside of the game via email or through any medium.
[2] Always keep your account information safe and secure.
[3] Always, report any suspicious players who seem to conduct these activities to avoid future scams.

[8.0] Cheats/Hacking

Cheating and hacking are two critical problems which are encountered during numerous online gaming activities to gain advantage. The internet is a huge resource possessing variety of tools to successfully hack or cheat a game server. We do not tolerate any kind of cheating or hacking which is concluded by our assessment of player's results. The hacker's information including the current IP Address will be recorded for future reference and investigation.

These activities are illegal in accordance with Cross Fire Terms of Agreement?and necessary corrective actions will be taken. For instance, permanently ban of this player will be finalized without any means for appealing. It is extremely important to follow all the rules of conduct during your game play and when using the website or the forum.

All rules and regulations that govern the entire game policy are set by G4Box Inc and must be followed without any violation. G4Box Inc reserves the right to change or add other rules should the need arise. Moreover, G4Box Inc also reserves the right to alter or permanently ban any player's account with or without any notice at any time for any reason should the need arise. In addition, G4Box Inc reserves the right to record all necessary information while keeping an active log if fraud or any illegal activities are detected from any player at any time. Each player, by engaging his/her self in the game play agree to follow all the above rules which are set forth.

[9.0] Lost Items

We are not responsible for items lost due to being hacked, trade scams, account sharing, or for any other reasons that are beyond G4Box's control. However, if you do have screenshots with conclusive evidence that you have been wronged, depending on the situation, we may be able to return none/some/all of your items. Also, if you do lose an item due to an error on our part and you report the incident within 72 hours of occuring, we will return the item after a period of investigation.


[[10.0] Staff Harassment

Any complaints against staff should be presented in a clear manner, free of any profanity or personal attacks. Slanderous/personal attacks/profane communications against staff memebers will not be tolerated, and will result in the offending comments removed, as well as a ban for the offender.

Do not oppose the instructions of authorized personel while playing Cross Fire or on its forums. Take into account that a member of the game support team might block on a teamporary or permanent basis, accounts which may or may not have broken any of the points above. At the same time take into consideration any inappropriate behavior on any of our services might end up in a permanent or temporary ban from the whole community and its services.


[[10.1] False Reports

Both GMs and support staff work diligently to address the problems of players; however abuse of this service will not be tolerated. Sending tickets when the claims are known to be false not only wastes the time of support as they investigate but also causes other players to wait longer to be responded to. Therefore any account found to providing the wrong information or sending a false claim will receive a suspension or permanent account closure.


[[10.2] Defrauding or Attempting to Defraud a GM or support staff

Whenever possible, we try to give players the benefit of the doubt in questionable situations. We hope players do not attempt to take advantage of this trust, and provide their full cooperation. However, if we later find that an attempt was made to defraud a GM, the offending player will have action taken against them. Attempts to defraud a GM include, but are not limited to, misdirecting a GM's attention, withholding information, providing or reporting false information and any attempt to "trick" a GM or support staff.


[[10.3] Disobeying or Ignoring GM Instructions

At times it may be necessary for a GM to ask a player to perform certain actions or refrain from performing other actions. In addition, if a GM contacts you regarding a violation of policy, please try to be as cooperative as possible. In any situation, the GMs will be attempting to preserve the enjoyment of the game for the majority of players and any interference with this work may result in an account penalty.


[[10.4] Excessive use of Abusive Language towards Staff

It is understandable that a player contacting the GM or support Staff might be upset over an issue stemming from an experience they had in the game. However, the use of abusive or foul language directed toward the GMs or support Staff is inappropriate and unproductive. If a player uses this type of language when communicating with a GM, they will be asked to stop, and if they continue, may receive an account penalty.


[[11.0] Charges and Fees

Some Z8Games products and services are subject to fees. The following outlines customer transaction and usage rights as it pertains to Z8Games products and services that are sold via the Z8Games website and its affiliate and/or game-related websites.


[[11.1] Virtual Currency

Some or all games under Z8Games may offer the ability to use and/or obtain virtual currency to purchase/license items and/or services. This virtual currency can only be used in their intended games and may not be used in any game not designated by the game’s developer or publisher. You may be required to pay real currency in order to obtain certain types of virtual currency or other online currency.

Z8Games reserves the right at its sole discretion to change or alter the value of virtual currency or other online currency you purchase for any given amount at any time. All changes to these values will not require any prior notice but will be reflected in the new values at the time of purchase. No refunds will be given at any time for incorrect buyer perception of the values given. Your purchase of virtual currency or other online currency is final and shall under no circumstances be refundable, exchangeable or transferable including, without limitation, upon termination, suspension, and/or ban of your Z8Games account for any reason, termination of this agreement, and/or the discontinuation of the services.

We have no obligation or responsibility to and will not reimburse you for any virtual in-game items lost due to your violation of these Terms of Service. .


[[11.2] Chargebacks

Accounts that have incurred chargebacks will receive a penalty fee of $10 USD per chargeback received. Reversal of account closure can be made through full payment of original purchase order, including the penalty fee, in the form of a money order; unless stated otherwise by the staff of Z8Games. All payments should be in US dollars and must be accessible in Canada.

All payments are to be mailed to the Z8Games head office, and must include a detailed description of all the accounts related the charge. Please note all chargeback accounts will remain closed until we receive your payments.

G4Box Inc.
885 Don Mills Road
Suite 202
Toronto, Canada
M3C 1V9

If you require further information, please contact Customer Support.


[[11.3] Fees Charged by Third-Party Sites

Including survey sites/providers such as BMG Survey, SuperRewards Survey, etc. Z8Games may, at times, provide links to other third-party website or services. Some of these websites and/or third-party vendors may provide content, goods and/or services, or methods of obtaining virtual currency/items for our games and/or may charge separate fees, which are not included in any fees that you may pay to Z8Games.

Z8games has no control over any of their pricing structures or methods of payment including but not limited to SMS payments or the divulging of private information that some of these sites may require. Z8Games is not affiliated with these sites and has no access to account information of their users and does not recommend the divulging of private information. Users should take all precautions they deem necessary to protect their privacy when using these third-party sites. Any separate charges or obligations you incur in your dealings with these third parties are your responsibility.

Z8Games makes no guarantees, representation, or warranty regarding any content, goods and/or services provided by any third-party.


[[11.4] Payment Options

If you do not have a PayPal account, you may set up a free account at www.paypal.com. Z8Games is not affiliated with PayPal and has no access to account information of PayPal users.

PayByCash enables you to pay for purchases without a credit card. Z8Games is not affiliated with PayByCash and has no access to account information of PayByCash users.

PayByCash enables you to pay for purchases without a credit card. Z8Games is not affiliated with PayByCash and has no access to account information of PayByCash users.

BuddieShops enables you to pay for purchases using PayPal, MoneyBookers, Google Checkout and Paysafecard. Z8Games is not affiliated with BuddieShops and has no access to account information of BuddieShops users.

Prepaid Cards
Prepaid Cards enable you to pay for purchases by buying these cards from store fronts and online stores or other methods.

Redeem Code
Certain payment methods may provide you with a Redeem Code that enables you to pay for purchases using various methods depending on the supported site.

An easy, fast and safe way to buy virtual items online with your mobile phone. No credit card details, registration or checkout forms required.


The following section describes the Privacy Policy that govern player information act in our website (cf.g4box.com).
Our website does not record e-mail (electronic mail) addresses of any visitors.

All personal information, which is voluntarily given to "www.cf.g4box.com" or G4Box Inc will not be issued, sold or redistributed to a third in any way.

Each player's computer establishes an active connection by utilizing a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address. This type of link to the servers may provide us with the following information: what part of the world the connection is linked to and who is the internet service provider of the player. The obtained information is only used for billing purposes by the website (cf.g4box.com).

By involving yourself in the game, you acknowledge that you agree to these rules and will abide by them regardless of the circumstances. In addition you also agree that these rules will apply to anyone that you allow to use your "Cross Fire" account or user ID. By allowing another user to use your account. You are personally responsible for all the consequences (including termination of your account) which may result, if above discussed person violates any of the above discussed rules at any time.

Further, you acknowledge that if your account and right to use the "Cross Fire" service is terminated by G4box INC for any reason, you will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid by you.

G4box INC reserves the right to change rules and/or add new rules at any time. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check "Cross Fire" website from time to time to review any rule(s) alterations that G4box INC may have made.

Lastly, you agree to read carefully the terms and conditions set forth in "Cross Fire" service agreement that is posted on Cross Fire website.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Cross Fire at the following address:

G4box Inc.
885 Don Mills Road,Suite 202
M3C 1V9
Toronto ON. Canada

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